"We believe that effective asset management is central to achieving optimal performance from energy assets."

Edmund Andrew - Asset Manager

Asset management

Our asset management team is well established in the UK, managing a range of services to maximize the operational and financial performance of wind and solar assets.

As a project moves into its operational life it is important that it is well maintained and managed, minimizing risk through the delivery of effective operations and maintenance strategies.

AGR’s experienced asset management team works closely with our technical and operations teams to identify potential signs of failure – ensuring that issues are picked up as early as possible and repairs can be planned before failures occur.

Using detailed production data analysis, we understand that asset performance is important for financial tracking so we use data analytics from a range of sources to provide regular reporting on generation against budget with any variation highlighted and explained in terms of site availability, asset performance and available resource.

In addition to our technical and operational expertise, we provide a range of administrative and commercial support services to ensure that contract and warranty management, accounting and reporting are all delivered as part of a comprehensive asset management program.