"Our key focus is to ensure that our projects are financeable, support landowners economically and meet the investment criteria of end buyers"

Konrad Aspinall, Co-founder

Corporate statement

At AGR we specialize in innovative development, funding, structuring, and delivery models, which enable us to deliver clean and low carbon energy projects that meet the needs of our partners, be it a fund, multinational organization or large-scale farming business.

As a starting point we design projects to meet the needs of the evolving energy market, as well as the requirements of investors and end users, through secure index based revenue streams or the provision of fixed price electricity, participation in the project or other perceived benefit.

Our process is fully integrated, managing everything from feasibility studies and site identification, through to financing, construction and operations – providing a single point of contact and accountability during the all phases of a project’s life.

Since our first project in 2011, we have grown steadily as a business and built up a strong team of experts who have a proven track record of delivering projects that have been successfully bank financed and sold into funds or our joint-venture with the Ingenious Group. During this period we have also developed projects energy alongside blue-chip organizations such as Ford and Aggregate Industries, helping to deliver sustainability benefits into existing facilities. 


Visions and principles


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