Delivering for business

Since 2011, we have been working alongside businesses, helping them to deliver low-carbon energy solutions that provide both financial and sustainability benefits to their businesses.

From industrial and agricultural landowners to multi-national blue chip companies, we have delivered energy solutions that have helped businesses to reduce and offset operational carbon emissions, whilst also providing diversified revenue streams in the form of rental incomes and protection from energy price volatility, through the benefits of direct site consumption, reduced energy usage and Power Purchase Agreements.

By wrapping all of the stages of development into one seamless process, we are able to provide a consistent point of contact from initial discussions and development, right through to construction and operations – which means that businesses can concentrate on what they do best and rely on us to take care of all aspects of project development.

Case Study – Ford

In Dec 2014 we commissioned a 500kW EWT wind turbine on Ford’s Bridgend Engine Plant that delivers power directly to the engine plant, reducing the electricity demand of the plant by approximately 1.2 GWh annually.

Case Study – Aggregate Industries

2 x 500 kW turbines on operational sites, providing electricity directly to the works and reducing the electricity requirement of the facilities by 1.7 GWh in 2015.

Case Study – FC Palmer & Sons

Alongside FC Palmer & Sons, a large-scale Cambridgeshire farming business, we have developed and delivered 69 MW of ground mounted solar projects, providing the business with secure long-term revenues through rental payments and landscape management contracts.

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