"We take a ‘hands-on’ approach to the consenting of our projects, identifying sites with the best prospects of planning success. Through good design and efficient processes we ensure that sites move efficiently through to construction and operations.”

Oliver Breidt - Co-founder


Development work at AGR begins with detailed feasibility assessments, ensuring that planning constraints, environmental issues, and financial and technical considerations are teased out early on in the project cycle.

Our approach to development is focused on early engagement, both with local planning authorities and relevant statutory and non-statutory consultees, including host local communities.

Our experienced development team undertake the majority of planning and consultation work, supported by specialist sub-consultants where needed.

For EIA projects we engage a planning or environmental lead consultant to coordinate specialist teams of environmental consultants, with AGR overseeing and managing the development process.

We ensure that planning applications are robust and complete prior to submission and that local communities have had the opportunity to input into design evolution.

Following the submission of a planning application, we work closely with planning case officers to ensure that any objections are addressed prior to determining the application.

If you have industrial or farm land that you think we could help you get more out of then please get in touch.