"At AGR we are specialists at designing project structures that facilitate financing, whether through traditional bank debt, vendor finance or sale to institutional investors such as pension funds or listed vehicles."

Oliver Breidt - Co-founder


Since 2011, we have built up a track record of successfully financed projects, bridging the transition from development to construction and from construction into operations.

In solar, we have secured funding for the delivery of over 130 MW of utility scale projects – through a mixture of project and vendor finance. These projects have subsequently been sold to organizations such as Foresight Group, BayWa, Hanwha Q Cells and Ingenious Group.

In 2012, AGR and Investec Bank entered into a portfolio loan facility designed to fund the construction and delivery of individual Feed-in-Tariff wind projects across the UK.

Further funding was secured through Golden Square Energy, our joint venture with the Ingenious Group, to build out our portfolio of wind projects and grow the portfolio through acquisitions of consented and operational projects.

In Q4 2015 we refinanced the operational FiT wind portfolio, through a fully amortizing long-term debt facility, with BayernLB, raising over £66m of debt.