It is essential to modernise the way housing is delivered. Through our comprehensive understanding of the need for programme and cost certainty, AGR Living has chosen to be vertically integrated through developing its own MMC category 2 SIP system.

Our system

Our proprietary, panel-based system – Swift – is a structural, insulated, off-site manufactured construction system made from composite materials. It is manufactured in a quality-controlled factory environment and is classed as a Modern Method of Construction category 2 system. We target zero defects and take pride in what we do and what that means for our customers and their tenants.

The structural strength in the Swift system is provided by a fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite frame manufactured in accordance with BS EN13706. The system has application for buildings in the UK up to 18 metres in height.

In terms of thermal performance, the standard system, excluding any contribution from external / internal cladding / finishes, exceeds UK Building Regulations. Different wall / insulation thicknesses can be provided, if required, to achieve class leading standards. The use of FRP structural components, which have significantly lower thermal conductivity than comparable metal elements minimises detrimental ‘cold bridging’, they do not rot nor shrink or swell, which eliminates the main causes of initial construction defects. The use of composite materials, commonly found in the automotive and aerospace sectors, extends the life of the building fabric (guarding also against the detrimental effects of flooding or accidental water leaks when the building is in use).

Panels are delivered to site with windows, door frames and first-fix services installed. We then lift the panels into place. Second fix and final decoration then follows.

The advantages of this approach are significant. The panellised system makes construction on awkward in-fill sites practical and time efficient. Performance in terms of both energy efficiency and safety are also fully guaranteed.

In a modern world of digitisation, radio signals can pass through the frame without interference. This is useful for all building occupants but vital for those in assisted living conditions and emergency services.

The speed and method of construction has wider benefits too. Disruption to the local community is minimised, with each house envelope typically taking eight weeks from start to finish.