AGR Group is managed directly by its owners and the ethos of professionalism and rigour pervade. Internally we operate a code of conduct which binds the team to a common set of values to ensure our customers are cared for in the appropriate manner.

Why AGR Living?

Our aim is to develop quality, social housing on under-utilised land. Housing that assists clients improve their score under the independently assessed and accredited Sustainable Homes Index for Tomorrow (SHIFT). In meeting this aim, we want to embrace the best in sustainable development – creating efficient, desirable, homes that improve lives and enhance local communities.

Occupant safety is paramount to us. Our panel system, Swift, has been tested to the highest industry standards for fire and quality. As an example, tests under BS476 Part 22 1987 show that the Swift system offers 120 minutes of fire protection.

For staff and contractors, our Modern Method of Construction category 2 system requires fewer people on site for less time – reducing the safety risks common to traditional building sites.

Our homes are built around a strong sustainability agenda. They lower CO2 emissions, water use, landfill waste and respond to climate change risks. They significantly out-perform traditional buildings. Their insulation and air tightness also ensure occupiers benefit from greater comfort, help reduce fuel poverty and improve the financial resilience of tenants.

Consistent quality requires both knowledge and diligence. We offer both. Our deep sector expertise is constantly applied across an integrated and accountable process spanning project finance, programme management and sustainable construction.

Efficiency is critical to our business model. Our proprietary, panel-based composite system – Swift – has been specifically developed for affordable in-fill housing. Flexible and cost-effective, it enables rapid, on-site installation, maximising productivity and minimising local disruption.