AGR Renewables completes sale of 60MW Burwell Solar to EDF

AGR Renewables is delighted to announce the sale of its 60MW Burwell Solar project located in East Cambridgeshire, UK, at ready-to-build (RTB) stage to EDF Renewables.

Breach Solar project encompasses a 60MW solar installation coupled with a 10MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), AGR’s first such installation to date. The project is expected to begin construction in Q3 2021 and become fully operational in Q4 2022.

Upon completion, the 80-hectar solar project is designed to generate clean renewable electricity to power 9,800 households, while the integration of the 10MW BESS system allows the energy generated to be stored and supplied to the grid when it is most needed, as well as providing grid stability services to National Grid.

Additionally, the project will contribute to the long-term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by reducing approximately 21.641 tonnes of Co2 each year, solidifying United Kingdom’s commitment to achieve Net-Zero by 2050.

AGR and EDF are dedicated to bringing a positive impact on the local community. Throughout the construction and operation phases, the project is expected to generate employment opportunities and support the local economy.

The scheme brings significant biodiversity gains and habitat improvements as well as continued farming of the land by way of sheep grazing. The project includes a comprehensive community benefit package for local councils, dedicating £20.000 per year for positive causes. Additionally, AGR and EDF are implementing wildlife corridors, plant over 1.8km of new hedgerows, and establish over 1.8 hectares of new reedbeds.

AGR Renewables acknowledges the support of the local community and relevant authorities throughout the planning process, which has been vital in ensuring the project’s success.

Ben Fawcett, UK Head of Solar, EDF Renewables:EDF Renewables is an experienced developer and we are firmly committed to solar as a technology which will help us accelerate a net zero future where clean energy powers all our lives. Investments like these are also contributing to the UK’s green economic recovery from COVID-19.”

Luke Rogers, Head of Solar & Storage Development, AGR: “We are excited to announce the sale of Burwell Solar to EDF Renewables, one of the largest renewable energy investors in Europe. Once completed, Burwell Solar farm will provide clean renewable energy to over 9.800 households and reduce over 21.000 tonnes of Co2 emissions each year.”

Oliver Breidt, Co-Founder, AGR: “The sale of Burwell Solar to EDF Renewables solidifies AGR’s position as one of UK’s forefront developers of large-scale solar projects. Our strong focus on connecting with local communities during the development and operation stages is a testament to our dedication towards social and environmental prosperity, something we feel strongly aligns with EDF’s vision and principles.”