Archaeology Excavations at Bicker Fen Solar Site

AGR is developing the Bicker Fen Solar Farm which was granted full planning permission by South Holland District Council and Boston Borough Council in July 2023.

Boston Planning Ref. B/22/0356 & South Holland Planning Ref. H04-0849-22


AGR is writing to inform you of the upcoming archaeological excavation program that we will be undertaking as part of our continuing development of the Bicker Fen Solar Project. As part of the planning consent conditions, AGR is required to undertake archaeological investigations on the site to check for the presence of, and preserve, any archaeology of significance. The investigations will be supervised by the local authorities’ archaeological consultant.


The archaeological works are scheduled to commence on the 27th of November and continue until completion approximately 4 weeks later. The program entails the excavation of multiple tranches across the 260-acre site performed by a small team with professional excavating machinery. It is our aim to search for any significant archaeology and record our findings and report to appropriate authorities if present.


AGR is committed to safe development processes and employs strict policies for management of our contractors and supply-chain partners to ensure the highest health & safety standards and efficient work streams. We are further committing ourselves to making minimal impact on the environment and to ensure professional transparency and minimal disturbance to the local communities.


About Bicker Fen Solar Project

Bicker Fen Solar project is a 49.9MW + 50MW/100MWh co-located Solar PV and BESS (battery energy storage) project developed by AGR Renewables. The planned solar park is located on a 260-acre site in Bicker, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, and received planning approval from Boston and South Holland district councils on July 18th and July 19th, respectively.


Upon completion, the project is designed to generate clean renewable electricity to power 18,000 households while bringing significant biodiversity gains and habitat improvements, as well as continued farming on the land by way of sheep grazing.


For any enquiries or questions about the works, please email and a member of the team will respond to you.